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Ahlan wasahlan

Ahlan wasahlan
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18 November 2014

One of fbc criteria

Mean corpuscular volume
Themean corpuscularvolume, or mean cell volume(MCV), is a measure of the average volume of a red blood corpuscle (orred blood cell). The measure is attained by multiplying a volume of blood by the proportion of blood that is cellular (thehematocrit(orhaematocrit)), and dividing that product by the number oferythrocytes(red blood cells) in that volume. The mean corpuscular volume isa part of a standardcomplete blood count.
In a laboratory test that computes MCV, erythrocytes are compacted during centrifugation.In patients withanemia, it is the MCV measurement that allows classification as either amicrocytic anemia(MCV below normal range),normocytic anemia(MCV within normal range) ormacrocytic anemia(MCV above normal range).
Normocytic anemia is usually deemed so because the bone marrow has not yet responded with a change in cell volume.It occurs occasionally in acute conditions, namely blood loss andhemolysis.*
.To calculate MCV, which is expressed in femtoliters (fL, or 10-15L), hematocrit (Hct) as a decimal is divided by RBC. RBCis the quantity of erythrocytes expressed in millions per microliter (μL).
The normal range for MCV is 80–100 fL.
For example, if the hematocrit equals 42.5% and RBC = 4.58 million per microliter (4,580,000/μL), then the following equation would obtain. MCV = Hrt/RBC. MCV = 0.425/([4.58 * 106]/10–6L). Then, multiplying both the numerator and the denominator of the divisor by 10–6, the divisor becomes (4.58*106*10–6)/(10–6*10–6L). MCV = 0.425/(4.58/10–12L). Then, after inverting the divisor and multiplying it by the dividend, the result is (0.425*10–12L)/4.58, which =0.0928*10–12L, which = 92.8*10–15L, which = 92.8 fL.*.Use of volume-sensitive automated blood cell counters, such as the Coulter counter. In this type of apparatus, the redcells pass one-by-one through a small aperture and generate a signal directly proportional to their volume.*.Other automated counters measure red blood cell volume by means of techniques that measure refracted, diffracted, or scattered light.[1]If the MCV was determined by automated equipment,the result can be compared to RBC morphology on aperipheral blood smear. Any deviation would usually be indicative of either faulty equipment or technician error, although there are some conditions that present with high MCV without megaloblastic cells.
For further specification, it can beused to calculatered blood cell distribution width.InterpretationThe normalreference rangeis typically 80-100fL.[2]HighInpernicious anemia(macrocytic), MCV can range up to 150femtolitres. An elevated MCV is also associated withalcoholism[3](as are an elevatedGGTand a ratio ofAST:ALTof 2:1).Vitamin B12and/orfolic aciddeficiency has also been associated with macrocytic anemia(high MCV numbers).
LowThe most common causes ofmicrocytic anemiaare iron deficiency (due to inadequatedietaryintake,gastrointestinal blood loss, ormenstrual blood loss),thalassemia,sideroblastic anemiaorchronic disease. Iniron deficiency anemia(microcytic anemia), it can be as low as 60 to 70 femtolitres. In some cases ofthalassemia, the MCV may be low even though the patient is not iron deficient.

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